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Inspired by a close friend and after an emotional and difficult hike to the top of Colonel Bob with a group of incredible girlfriends, Kellie set out on her own wellness journey in the fall of 2015.  Focused on being a good friend during a difficult time, changing her lifestyle, getting healthy, losing weight and a desire to really start "living life" in the Pacific Northwest, Kellie found a passion for running.  Hundreds of miles later, she and her running partner found peace and healing through running, got healthy and in the process got right with God.  This led to a desire to build a studio in her hometown where others could also be inspired and encouraged by providing wellness services that focused on health and healing.  Inspiration is contagious and kindness, encouragement and building each other up must be a focus in our daily actions and deeds. Thessalonians 5:11 couldn't have been more clear and in a society that needs more kindness, we love that this scripture guides our focus at Awaken. 

At Awaken, our providers are all independent and schedule their own services.  They work for themselves and own and manage their own unique businesses.  My goal in creating the

studio was simply to create a space where we could all "encourage one another

and build each other up."  I hope you have found it here and I encourage you to get

to know all of the providers who call Awaken home. 

My hope and prayer to our providers is that you will follow your dreams and be as successful

as you can be!  Dream big and believe in yourself.  Everything is possible for the one who believes! 

A message from Kellie...

We get so caught up in our daily grind that we forget that life is short and tomorrow is not promised.  We forget to take time for ourselves, we lose our balance and often times we become

overweight, unhealthy, depressed and personally unfulfilled.  

It's okay to take an hour for you! Go get a massage or a facial, spoil yourself, unplug, find your center, feel alive, and take a Yoga class.  All the things you have wanted to do - go do them!  Don't wait. Get outside, go explore!  Go run and bike and walk and cry at the top of the mountain when you finally make it to that highest peak just to see all of God's glory as far as the eye can see.  Pee your pants from laughing, find your circle of best friends and be a best friend in return.  Make a bucket list and check them off and importantly be okay with taking time for you.   You are enough,

you are beautiful and you are worth it.  It is okay to invest in YOU!  

One of your greatest gifts in life is making healthy choices and being in good health. 

In fact, it's everything really.  You get one chance, so choose to be healthy in

MIND, BODY and SPIRIT.  Understand that balance means being healthy

in all THREE areas.  Work hard to keep this  balance in your life, be kind always, love hard,

say your prayers, be grateful,  thankful and choose to be happy. It is a choice.

  You get to decide so choose wisely, you'll be so glad you did. 

Here at Awaken, we believe in you and we hope you find kindness and

encouragement as you set out on your own wellness journey. 

Be happy. xo